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Jackson & New Orleans Workers' Compensation / Blog / Injuries / What is a Work Status Release (WSR) and Why is It important?

What is a Work Status Release (WSR) and Why is It important?


Medical records and documentation are highly important in workers’ compensation cases. Often, insufficient medical evidence and documentation is the reason most workers’ compensation claims get delayed or denied. As an injured worker, you need to stay organized and keep track of all medical records for this reason.

If you have questions or concerns about your Louisiana or Mississippi workers’ compensation claim, our experienced team of legal professionals can help. At Lunsford, Baskin, & Priebe, PLLC, our attorneys can help you file your claim, ensuring you provide all necessary medical documentation. We understand how hard it can be to keep track of everything you need to do when filing a claim, but our attorneys are here to help so you can get the benefits you deserve.

What Are My Rights As an Injured Worker Regarding Medical Documentation?

In Louisiana and Mississippi, injured workers are entitled to medical benefits, which can cover all necessary medical expenses and bills related to your workplace injury. However, to get the benefits you need, you will have to provide sufficient medical evidence that shows proof of your injury.

As an injured worker, you have the right to obtain copies of all medical records, notes, and reports—including a work status release—from your doctor, therapist, or any other medical professional managing your treatment. It’s not only your right to obtain copies of these documents, but it’s crucial that you do as insurers will look for any way they can to deny or minimize your claim benefits.

Having copies of all medical records and documents ensures you have sufficient evidence to provide the insurance company, so they have no legitimate reason to deny or reduce your claim. Your doctor may release these documents to your employer or the insurance company themself, but you should always obtain copies as well, just in case.

What is a Work Status Release?

A work status release (WSR) is a crucial piece of documentation that is necessary to successfully receive workers’ compensation benefits. A WSR is a document that your doctor will provide at each visit, which indicates your work restrictions based on your injury and current condition.

For example, the document might state whether you are not able to work at all, can return for light duty, if you can sit or stand for long periods, if you can climb ladders, etc. You must obtain a copy of this report after EVERY visit with your doctor so you can provide this information to the insurance adjuster assigned to your workers’ compensation case.

Why Are WSRs and Other Medical Documents Important in My Workers’ Compensation Case?

The payment of your medical benefits will depend on the medical evidence and documentation you provide. If any documents are missing, it can negatively impact your claim and result in denied or reduced benefits. Insurance companies often try to find ways to reduce claim amounts or deny them entirely. One way they do this is by claiming they did not receive enough evidence by way of medical documentation.

They might also request an Independent Medical Exam (IME) or a second opinion from a physician of their choosing in an attempt to prove your injuries are not as severe as you claim. This is why it’s so important to obtain copies of all medical records, including WSRs, from your own doctor. If the second medical opinion or IME states something different than what your treating physician said, your WSRs and other documents will be used to contest the issue in court. Without those documents, the judge may choose to side with the IME or second doctor’s opinion.

Connect with an Experienced Mississippi or Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you are struggling to obtain copies of your medical records or simply need help with any other aspect of your workers’ compensation claim, we can help. You have a right to obtain copies of all medical documents and reports. If your provider is refusing to provide them for any reason, we can send a request to ensure they are sent to you in a timely manner. We can also make sure all necessary documents are sent to the insurance provider so your claim is not denied or minimized.

If you have questions or concerns about your case, contact the experienced Mississippi and Louisiana workers’ compensation attorneys at Lunsford, Baskin, and Priebe, PLLC. After-hours visits are available.


Video transcript
What medical documentation is important for me to save? And the answer to that question is a specific document, a work status release, or WSR for short. And this is a document that a doctor will provide at each visit, which indicates your work restriction. So it’s going to say whether you’re no work,
light duty,’ its going to list your listing capacity, whether you can stand for a long time, sit for a long time climb ladders. And it’s very important that you get a copy of this document at each and every doctor visit and that you provide that information to your insurance adjuster.
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