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The Dangers Of New Orleans’ Most Common Job


It is not too far-fetched to imagine that every day most people in Louisiana and throughout the United States interact with a cashier at some point. Whether at the gas station, grocery store, retail chain, or restaurant, cashiers are an important part of our everyday lives, and our economic system. We ask cashiers for their preferences and suggestions on store items, have them scan our merchandise, and pay them for our purchases. It is probably no surprise, then, that the job of cashier is the most common job for New Orleans residents.

While the job of cashiering may seem pretty straightforward – scanning items in and issuing a receipt—in reality, there is so much more to the job than meets the eye. In addition to being the final step in the retail line and ensuring the goods are paid and accounted for, cashiers often lift heavy objects, stand for long lengths of time, twist and bend repetitively, and navigate slippery and cluttered floors. There are, therefore, a number of common injuries that crop up in the cashiering occupation. Three of the most typical injuries that occur in cashiering include:

  • Back and spine injuries: as noted, cashiers are usually on their feet all day long, which can cause problems with the back and spine, as well as to muscles, joints, and bones.
  • Repetitive stress injuries: cashiers often perform the same movements over and over again. Repeating the same movements over time, such as scanning items or moving the neck in the same direction can cause strain on the body and injury over time. These “overuse”-type of injuries can happen in the hands, neck, or anywhere on the body. In short, if a cashier uses the same muscles and movements day in and day out, they may experience injury from extreme wear and tear of the muscles and joints.
  • Slip and fall accidents: slip and fall accidents are all-too common in the workplace, and especially in the average everyday workplace of a cashier. In a retail or other business open to the public, floors can become slippery when tracked with rainwater, mud, spilled drinks and food, and ice. Obstacles can be present on the floor, such as retail items, garbage, and other objects that can easily cause a trip or slip. Freshly cleaned floors can also present a hazard if they are slippery for workers. Slip and fall accidents can cause serious and permanent injuries, and are certainly a risk for cashiers on the job.

Help with Your Workplace Injury Case

Whether you work in the most common occupation in New Orleans, or you have an unusually rare job, if you experience a workplace injury, you have options in Louisiana. Under Louisiana workers’ compensation laws, you may be entitled to benefits, such as wage replacement and medical costs. The experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyers at Lunsford Baskin & Priebe offer a free and confidential consultation to discuss your workplace injury and entitlement to workers’ compensation benefits. Contact Lunsford Baskin & Priebe today and speak to a lawyer for free.

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