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Ready To Mediate Your Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Case? Louisiana Workers’ Compensation FAQ


If you are one of the many Louisiana workers that gets injured on the job every year, it is important to know that you have options under Louisiana workers’ compensation laws to help get you back on your feet. The Louisiana workers’ compensation system enables Louisiana workers who were injured on the job and rendered unable to work to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Those benefits include wage replacement benefits, compensation for medical costs, treatment, retraining, and other important benefits to help workers get back to their usual job to earn a living. However, the Louisiana workers’ compensation process can be a difficult one for the average worker to navigate on their own, and it is important for Louisiana workers who have been injured to understand their rights during the process. One of those rights includes the right to mediation, which is a process by which injured workers may be able to resolve their claim. Here are some commonly asked questions about workers’ compensation mediation in Louisiana for those who may be interested in requesting it in their workers’ compensation case.

  • What is Workers’ Compensation Mediation?

Workers’ compensation mediation is a process by which the parties to a workers’ compensation claim – come together in a conference to see if they can resolve the workers’ compensation claim. The mediation will include the injured worker and their legal counsel (if they have obtained legal counsel), on the one hand, and the employer and insurance company, on the other hand. The mediator is conducted by a neutral third-party called a mediator.

  • What is a Worker’s Compensation Mediator?

A workers’ compensation mediator is a licensed attorney who is employed by the Office of Workers’ Compensation. They are neutral, meaning they have no interest in the case or “dog in the fight.” They work to help the parties resolve the workers’ compensation case.

  • Do I Have a Right to Workers’ Compensation Mediation?

Yes. Per the Louisiana Workforce Commission, workers’ compensation claimants have a right to workers’ compensation mediation both prior to the filing of a disputed claim for workers’ compensation and after.

  • How do I Request Workers’ Compensation Mediation?

If the parties agree to mediate the claim, they can make a written request to the Office of Workers’ Compensation. After receiving the request, the Office of Workers’ Compensation will contact the parties to schedule the mediation.

  • Should I be Represented by a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer at My Workers’ Compensation mediation?

For the best chance of protecting your rights at mediation, it is advisable to obtain legal counsel to represent you at your workers’ compensation mediation. An experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyer can help you navigate the process and represent your interests in the mediation conference.

  • How do I Find a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Louisiana?

The experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyers at Lunsford Baskin & Priebe offer a free and confidential consultation to learn about your workers’ compensation case and to see if they can help you. We only get paid if you settle your case or win.

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