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Top Five Occupational Diseases in Louisiana


Occupational disease claims are usually the most complex workers’ compensation claims. Frequently, the victim did not immediately report the illness, so there are time deadline issues. Additionally, a pre-existing condition is usually involved. Full compensation is available in such situations, but there are a few added legal wrinkles.

An experienced New Orleans workers’ compensation attorney knows how to overcome all these hurdles and obtain maximum benefits for job injury victims. These benefits include wage replacement and medical bill payment.

Hearing Loss

Partial deafness is far and away the most common occupational disease in Louisiana. Prolonged exposure to noises as low as 85 decibels, which is the equivalent of a busy city street corner, could cause permanent hearing loss. If detected early enough, partial deafness is usually easy to treat. But as mentioned above, many occupational hearing loss victims do not rush to the doctor when they hear ringing in their ears. So, by the time a doctor intervenes, the damage is usually much more advanced.

Repetitive Stress Disorders

White collar and blue collar workers are both at risk for repetitive stress injuries. Most office workers spend most or all of their work shift sitting and typing at a computer screen. A sedentary lifestyle is quite unhealthy, especially because it aggravates many other illnesses. And, simple acts like typing can, over time, seriously damage nerves and muscles. Manual workers often have issues with their knees and other joints because they repeatedly bend, stoop, kneel, and lift.

Toxic Exposure

All manner of workers are also at risk for various toxic exposure illnesses, mostly cancer and respiratory problems. Cancer survival rates, even for mesothelioma and other serious forms of this disease, have increased substantially since the 1990s. Cancer-related medical costs have increased significantly as well. A workers’ compensation attorney usually arranges for these victims to receive medical care from top professionals at no upfront cost. That’s because Louisiana law allows job injury victims to choose their own doctors.


Although falls are usually trauma injuries, they can be occupational diseases as well. Sometimes, the effects of a fall are not immediately clear. Hip injuries are a good example. Frequently, a damaged hip only feels sore. Then, with every step the victim takes, this fragile ball-and-socket joint becomes even more damaged.

Bacterial Infections

Sick building syndrome is not just a made-up condition. Because of tiny moisture deposits in building HVAC systems, microscopic bacteria are usually in the air. If the victim has a pre-existing condition or certain genetic vulnerabilities, these bacterial infections are often life-threatening. Other bacteria, like coronavirus, lives on surfaces. On a related note, employers who fail to properly screen people for infectious diseases put everyone at risk. 

Count on an Experienced Attorney

Occupational disease victims might be entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in New Orleans, contact Lunsford, Baskin & Priebe, PLLC. We routinely handle matters in Louisiana and Mississippi.


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