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Jackson & New Orleans Workers' Compensation / Blog / Workers Compensation / Recent Study Reveals Maine As State With Highest Worker Injuries, Oregon, Vermont Not Far Behind

Recent Study Reveals Maine As State With Highest Worker Injuries, Oregon, Vermont Not Far Behind


With a number of recent news stories detailing harrowing worker injuries in factory explosions, shootings, and falls from grain barrels, to name a few, many Mississippi workers and other workers across the United States may be scratching their heads wondering which state is truly the most dangerous for workers? A recent study that was conducted by pre-settlement legal funding company High Rise Financial sheds light on this question and reveals the top three states in which nonfatal workplace accidents occur. That study named the Dirigo state, Maine, as the state with the highest worker accidents in the United States in 2021. As noted by local news outlets, Maine had a reported 4.7 cases of nonfatal accidents involving workers per 100 workers in 2021. Contrast to that, the national average for the United States was 2.8 cases of nonfatal accidents involving workers per 100 workers. The most common workplace injuries that occur in Maine, according reports by Maine local news sources, are overexertion, slips, trips, and falls. In response to the staggering numbers, the Maine Department of Labor is said to have stated that the high numbers reflect that workers are reporting accidents or illnesses at a higher rate than other states, and before Maine workers require workers’ compensation.

Oregon and Vermont ranked next on the list of states with the most nonfatal worker injuries, with 3.8 worker involved accidents per 100 workers in both states. Washington, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nevada were also in the top ten states with the most non-fatal worker accidents. The study is said to have found a correlation between the higher rate of nonfatal workplace injuries in states in the north of the country with an increased rate of jobs deemed to be more dangerous, such as truck diving and healthcare.

Help for Mississippi Workers and Where to Turn to File Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

In Mississippi, Mississippi workers’ compensation laws enable most workers to file claims for workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured on the job and are rendered disabled from working their jobs. Mississippi workers’ compensation benefits include important benefits to help workers get back on their feet, such as wage replacement compensation, medical expense reimbursement, and rehabilitation services. Mississippi workers’ compensation claims are not filed in court, but filed with the state agency that oversees workers’ compensation claims. The process is not always straightforward, and injured Mississippi workers may opt to work with an experienced Mississippi workers’ compensation lawyer on their side to get their benefits due. If you were injured at work in Mississippi, contact the experienced lawyers at Lunsford Baskin & Priebe for a free and confidential consultation to discuss your rights to Mississippi workers’ compensation benefits. The consultation is free and confidential, and the experienced Mississippi workers’ compensation lawyers at Lunsford Baskin & Priebe only get paid if they settle or win your case. Call Lunsford Baskin & Priebe today and speak to a lawyer about your rights and options for free.



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