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Top Ten OSHA Violations in Mississippi


The number of fatal job injuries has increased significantly since 2017. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is tasked with reducing the number of workplace injuries and fatalities. Unfortunately, this tiny federal agency can only do so much. Frequently, it only issues a citation in response to a serious injury or fatal accident.

Nevertheless, OSHA violations are important to Jackson workers’ compensation attorneys. In subscribed cases, a relevant citation history often makes victims eligible for additional compensation. In non-subscribed cases, a citation history helps establish negligence, or a lack of ordinary care.

Lack of Fall Protection

Falls are arguably the most common, most severe, and most preventable workplace injuries. Basic safety gear, such as harnesses, non-slip mats, and rails, effectively prevent most falls. But many employers fail to provide these things.

Failure to Communicate Hazard Standard

Communication is usually the foundation of any good personal or professional relationship. Most employers push workers so hard that the workers are unable to heed signs or other warnings. Employers have a duty to ensure these communications are clear, especially to LEP (Limited English Proficiency) workers.

Unsafe Scaffolding

Whether the project is a high rise office building or a two-story house, most construction worksites utilize scaffolding. Many times, this hastily-assembled gear is not very safe, especially if employers do not respect occupancy limits and other safety rules.

Lack of Respiratory Protection

These citations are particularly common among landscaping contractors. Edgers and other machines produce large amounts of benzene fumes. These fumes quickly deteriorate lung tissue.

Non-Control of Hazardous Emission

Frequently, the “hazardous emission” is asbestos fibers. Builders commonly used this material as a fireproofer and/or insulator. One microscopic fiber can cause mesothelioma, a rare type of heart/lung cancer, and other serious chronic illnesses. Employers must be aware of the risk of asbestos exposure and take appropriate steps to prevent it.

Unsteady Ladders

Most people, including most employers, give little thought to ladder safety, and that’s the problem. That’s especially true in ad hoc repair jobs, like changing office light bulbs. A fall from the top of a ladder can cause a severe physical injury.

Unsafe Powered Industrial Trucks

Commonly, construction workers and other individuals drive large vehicles that they are not really qualified to operate. Combine this lack of experience with the conditions at most construction sites (noise and many pedestrians), and accidents are almost inevitable.

Inadequate Fall Protection Training

As mentioned above, fall prevention is not complicated. But many employers simply do not take the time to convey basic safety principles to their workers.

Machinery and Machine Guarding

Many tools have safety guards and other devices in order to protect workers. Many employers remove these safety aids so employees can work faster. This removal puts workers at risk.

Eye and Face Protection

On a similar note, many tools cause debris and other small particles to fly in the face of the user. A tiny spec in the eye can cause a lifelong disability. 

Count on an Experienced Attorney

OSHA violations speak volumes about workplace safety. For a free consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Jackson, contact Lunsford, Baskin & Priebe, PLLC. We routinely handle matters in Louisiana and Mississippi.




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