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Jackson & New Orleans Workers' Compensation / Blog / Workers Compensation / The Five Phases of Medical Treatment After a Job Injury in Louisiana

The Five Phases of Medical Treatment After a Job Injury in Louisiana


After a serious injury, like a spine injury, the medical bills could exceed $4 million. Much of these expenses are associated with one of the five phases outlined below. Health insurance companies usually do not cover injury-related costs, and most families cannot possibly pay these costs out of their own pockets.

To help families cope with these staggering expenses, a New Orleans workers’ compensation attorney can obtain no-fault insurance benefits which cover medical expenses. As a bonus, an attorney can usually negotiate with medical providers and convince them to lower their fees. As a result, victims could keep more of their settlement money.

First Aid

The first phase of medical treatment is frequently the most important phase. If victims get even rudimentary first aid after a fall or other trauma injury, subsequent treatments are usually much more successful.

Unfortunately, many Louisiana job injuries occur at remote locations. That’s especially true for people like wildlife game wardens and energy production workers. As a result, these victims might not get any treatment as precious seconds and minutes tick by.

Full recovery is still possible and even probable in these situations. However, the road is longer and more winding.


Medical transportation expenses have increased almost exponentially in recent years. As a result, many people who need non-emergency treatment, perhaps for an early-stage appendicitis or petit mal seizure, use Uber or another ridesharing service to get to the hospital.

But in extreme trauma cases, like a fall or motor vehicle collision, such transportation is not an option. Frequently, the ambulance ride to the hospital might be more expensive than emergency care, especially if the patient is treated and released.

Helicopter or other such medevac could cost $40,000 or more. Such measures are often necessary after a motor vehicle crash. If the injury happened in a very remote location, air evacuation might be necessary as well.

Emergency responders usually err on the side of caution in these situations. If airlifting might be appropriate, they almost always request this service.

Emergency Care

This phase of trauma injury medical treatment usually involves setting broken bones, stitching wounds, and repairing internal injuries. Emergency treatment length could vary between a few minutes of care and a few months of care.

Most Louisiana job injury victims may choose their own physicians. So, these individuals do not have to see the company doctor or receive the treatment an insurance company is willing to pay for. They receive the care they need from an independent physician whose only concern is making the victim better.

Follow-Up Care

Eventually, stitches must come out and casts must come off. Additionally, many injuries require continual monitoring, especially if doctors prescribed certain kinds of medicine. If they did not use their physician election for emergency care, most Louisiana job injury victims use that option at this point. In fact, it’s not uncommon for victims to change doctors more than once, especially if a specialist is needed.

Physical Therapy

Much like emergency care, physical therapy could last a few weeks or a few months, mostly depending on the nature and severity of the injury. Some victims need occupational therapy. These victims are too injured to work at the same job again, so they must learn a new skill. In Louisiana, workers’ compensation insurance usually pays for up to five years of physical or occupational therapy.

Reach Out to an Experienced Attorney

Post-job injury medical treatment usually involves five stages. For a free consultation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in New Orleans, contact Lunsford, Baskin & Priebe, PLLC. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.



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