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On the Record: How to Prepare for Your Deposition in Your Mississippi Personal Injury Case


Most Mississippians are familiar with the concept of a deposition. We have all probably seen a deposition conducted at least once in a movie, legal dramas, or perhaps we have even been deposed ourselves. For those not familiar with the concept, a deposition is an examination of a witness in a legal proceeding, conducted under oath. The purpose of a deposition is to elicit relevant testimony from a witness to a legal case in order to use that testimony later in court or for other purposes in the litigation. A deposition is something that might be scheduled if you are involved in a Mississippi personal injury case. If you receive a deposition notice from the opposing side, you will need to show up at the deposition and undergo questions relevant to the case. At the deposition, a court reporter transcribes what is said and it becomes part of the court record.

Receiving a deposition notice may cause a person involved in a Mississippi personal injury case some stress and anxiety. However, with proper preparation and the assistance of a skilled and experienced Mississippi personal injury lawyer, a deposition can actually be used as a sword, and not just a shield, in the litigation. To help Mississippians who are involved in personal injury cases in Mississippi better understand how they can prepare for a deposition, we suggest the following:

  • Review the case: it is important to understand what claims you are bringing in the case, the procedure history to date, what has been filed, and what you have said on the record. You will also want to review what you provided to the other side in discovery, if anything, to make sure you are familiar with all of the facts. Refreshing your memory and being an expert regarding the facts of your own case will reduce the chances of the opposing side tripping you up and eliciting inconsistent statements from you. Becoming a master of the information may also make you feel more confident going into your deposition.
  • Understand the purpose of the deposition: understanding what the opposing side is trying to accomplish by taking your testimony will help you craft succinct and honest answers that support, rather than harm, your case. Being familiar with the claims and defenses in the case is also helpful in understanding what you might be asked so you can prepare accordingly.
  • Work with an experienced Mississippi personal injury lawyer: if you have hired a Mississippi personal injury lawyer, the lawyer can represent you at the deposition. A skilled lawyer who is experienced in deposition can best prepare you for what is to come and can raise the proper objections on the record at the deposition.
  • Be truthful: the most important thing is honesty. Remember that you will be placed under oath on the record, and in addition to just being a bad idea in general, being dishonest could turn into perjury.
  • Prepare, prepare, prepare!: working with your personal injury lawyer to simulate the deposition experience and practicing answering questions about your case is invaluable and will help you feel more confident on the day of the deposition.

Legal Help with Your Personal Injury Case in Mississippi

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