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If You Work in Manufacturing Be Aware of these 6 Common Factory Accidents


Just days ago, news of the death of a worker at a manufacturing plant in Davidson, North Carolina, hit internet websites across the country. According to reports, the North Carolina manufacturing worker was killed at Trane Technologies at around 11 a.m. on Friday, January 12. Details of the accident are sparse and the victim’s identity has not yet been released.

The recent manufacturing worker death in North Carolina serves as a tragic and unfortunate example of the health and safety risks that manufacturing workers face virtually every day on the job. But what are these risks? To help Mississippi manufacturing and factory workers better understand what types of accidents are most common in manufacturing, we provide the following insights from an article by Frankenmuth Insurance.

Machine Injuries

There is no doubt that machines can be dangerous, especially when they malfunction. Machines can cause serious and life-threatening injuries to manufacturing and factory workers, such as crushing injuries, severing of limbs, and even scalping. Another major risk factor for working around machines is worker distraction. It is, therefore, very important for workers to remain vigilant and for employers to make sure that machines are properly functioning and are maintained.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries occur when a worker slips on a slippery surface, such as a wet floor, or stumbles and falls on an object. Slip and fall injuries are extremely dangerous in manufacturing settings because there may be sharp objects or fast-paced machines that workers can get injured or caught in. Wearing appropriate footwear and taking care to ensure spaces are clean and free from spills is very important when it comes to working on a factory floor.


When a worker is tired, hungry, or dehydrated from working prolonged and continuous hours, they can make mistakes on the job. In the manufacturing setting, this can be deadly. Workers need to be hydrated and alert when they work in a manufacturing workplace.

Vehicle Accidents

Forklifts and other vehicles in the workplace can cause serious accidents, including runovers, tip-overs, and crushing injuries. Workers need to be properly trained when using vehicles on a factory floor.

Chemical Exposure

Factory workers are often exposed to harsh and potentially hazardous chemicals in the manufacturing setting. These chemicals can lead to loss of senses, cancers, and other diseases. It is important to make sure that chemicals are handled properly and labeled so workers can use them in the way they are intended, and workers must be provided adequate protective gear on the job.

Repetitive Stress

When a worker does the same movement or motion over and over continuously on a long-term basis, they can develop muscle strains and other deterioration of the body. Workers who perform repetitive movements should be rotated, and employers should implement wellness programs to ensure that workers maintain good physical health.

Help for Injured Workers in Mississippi

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