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Are You Familiar with these 7 Workplace Crush Injuries?


A fatal workplace accident in California just a day after the New Year’s Day 2024 holiday underscores the seriousness of crush injuries at American workplaces. According to local news reports, on Tuesday, January 2, a truck driver was killed on the job in La Joya, California in the early morning hours. Local sheriffs who responded to the scene report that they are unsure yet of exactly what led to the crushing death of the truck driver, but indicate that the worker went to the site to pick up a load of gravel when the deadly accident occurred. When law enforcement officers arrived at the worksite, they reportedly found the worker dead on the scene, as he was lodged inside the crushed cab of the truck that he was operating. Investigations into the horrific and tragic workplace accident are still ongoing.

Be Aware of these 7 Common Crush Injuries on the Job

Unfortunately, crush injuries and deaths in the workplace, like the one in La Joya on Tuesday, are far from unheard of in Mississippi and on worksites across the country. In fact, Ivy Rehab Network, a network of injury rehabilitation services and professionals, note that there are 7 common crush injuries that occur at workplaces in many different industries. Those crush injuries include:

  • Bruising: Bruise injuries occur when a crushing injury causes the small blood vessels in the body to compress;
  • Skin lacerations: Lacerations to the skin can result from the body being crushed by an object. Skin lacerations can cause bleeding and infections;
  • Fractures of the bones: The force from a crushing injury can result in bones of the body breaking. Crush injuries, according to the Ivy Rehab Network, are more likely to cause breaks that “shatter” into small bone pieces, and in some severe cases, bone fractures may even cause the bone to pierce through the skin;
  • Damage to the nerves: Nerve damage can, ultimately, lead to paralysis. Nerve damage also presents as pain, tingling, and weakness;
  • Compartment Syndrome: A long-term symptom of crush injuries, compartment syndrome is caused by prolonged compression on the body. Compression can result in damage to nerves and muscles;
  • Scarring: Although scarring is the body’s natural treatment to damage, scarring can be painful and can limited an injured worker’s range of motion;
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): PTSD affects a survivor’s mental health. PTSD can present with symptoms of reliving trauma, nightmares, and flashbacks.

In sum, crush injuries, and long-term crush injury complications can lead to serious limitations and disabilities, and even death on the job.

Justice for Injured Workers in Mississippi

If you experienced a crush injury or any other type of injury at work in Mississippi, and you are now disabled from working your regular job, it is important to chat with an experienced Mississippi workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible about your rights and options. Contact the experienced Mississippi workers’ compensation lawyers at the law firm Lunsford Baskin & Priebe, PLLC and speak to an experienced Mississippi workers’ compensation lawyer about your case for free.



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