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Jackson & New Orleans Workers' Compensation / Blog / Workers Compensation / 10 Things Employers Can do to Help Prevent Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents in Mississippi Workplaces

10 Things Employers Can do to Help Prevent Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents in Mississippi Workplaces


There is no question that slip, trip and fall accidents are both fairly common in the workplace and have the potential to seriously injure workers, and even result in death. Indeed, according to the National Safety Council (NSC), in the year 2021 alone, a whopping 850 workers died in fall accidents, and an additional hundreds of thousands more were injured severely enough to have to take time off of work. Slip and fall accidents can be deceiving because we often lose our footing or stumble over things as a result of just walking in our everyday lives. However, as the NSC notes, “A worker doesn’t have [sic] to fall from a high level to suffer fatal injuries; 136 workers were killed in falls on the same level in 2020….” In addition, the NSC underscores that fall accidents in the workplace are “100% preventable.” But what can employers do to keep workers safe from slip, trip, and fall accidents in the workplace? To help Mississippians better understand how employers can help keep workers safe on the job when it comes to slip, trip, and fall accidents, we provide 10 safety tips that employers can implement to avoid these unnecessary and preventable accidents in the workplace.

10 Safety Tips for Employers to Prevent Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Employers can take steps to keep employees safe from slip, trip and fall accidents. Here are 10 ways to increase slip, trip and fall safety in the workplace:

  1. Ensure floors are clean and maintained: it is important for employers to regularly clean floors and monitor these surfaces for any spills or debris that may cause an accident;
  2. Keep the lights on: employers should make sure that work areas are well-lit and that workers can see where they are going;
  3. Place signs where appropriate: using signage in the workplace to indicate wet or slippery surfaces can prevent accidents;
  4. Keep the workforce trained: employers should train employees on safety procedures, including those to prevent slip, trip and fall accidents;
  5. Lead the charge on proper footwear: employees should be encouraged to wear proper footwear for the particular workplace;
  6. Clear walkways: employers should ensure that walkways where workers travel are clear and free from any objects that workers can trip on;
  7. Encourage safety reports: employees should be encouraged to report any safety hazards in the workplace;
  8. Use easy tools, such as non-slip mats: employers can make the workplace safer by using safety tools, such as non-slip mats;
  9. Inspect, inspect, inspect: employers should not leave it to employees to maintain and monitor the workplace, and should do routine inspections of their own;
  10. Implement all safety guidelines: employers must adhere to safety guidelines and should encourage employees to do the same.

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