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Jackson & New Orleans Workers' Compensation Lawyer
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Jackson & New Orleans Workers' Compensation / Louisiana Burn Injury Lawyer

Louisiana Burn Injury Lawyer

Many workers in the Bayou State, especially industrial and energy exploration workers, are at risk for both temperature and chemical burns. Exposed live electrical wires often cause temperature burns. Loose wires are common. Furthermore, many construction site workers, especially those who work in high places, touch utility wires. These wires carry so much power that the heat is hotter than the surface temperature of the sun. Chemical burns, mostly to the ears, nose, and/or throat, are common as well. Many industrial solvents and other chemicals are highly caustic.

The experienced Louisiana burn injury lawyer at Lunsford, Baskin & Priebe know what it takes to obtain maximum compensation in these cases. Usually, in workers’ compensation matters as in life, people who diligently do their homework often do very well on tests. So, we pay close attention to small details as we build your case from the ground up. All this effort is time-consuming, but it pays off in the end. Our job injury cases are usually so solid that insurance company lawyers are anxious to settle these claims out of court.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If the burn injury occurred at work, no fault benefits are available that replace lost wages and pay medical bills. Although insurance companies cannot contest the victim’s eligibility, at least in most cases, they can contest the amount of damages.

In terms of lost wage replacement, many insurance company lawyers start with a false assumption. They assume prior wages and future wages are the same thing. Usually, that’s not the case.

Missed work time usually means lost overtime opportunities, hours-worked performance bonuses, and service time-related wage increases. Additionally, these victims also deserve compensation for expense reimbursement, such as per diem and vehicle allowance. This category also includes non cash compensation, like employer-provided meals.

Under the law, the workers’ compensation insurance company must pay all reasonably necessary medical bills. Once again, many insurance company lawyers start with a false assumption. They believe “cheapest alternative” is synonymous with “reasonably necessary.” Fortunately, job injury victims in the Bayou State may choose their own doctors, at least in most cases. Most people agree that whatever a doctor orders is reasonably necessary.

What to Expect in a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Largely because of these issues, at the initial review level, most Claims Examiners deny most claims, at least in part. That’s especially true if victims don’t have Louisiana burn injury lawyers to advocate for them. Generally, Claims Examiners hope these denials prompt job injury victims to settle their claims for pennies on the dollar, or even drop them altogether.

The atmosphere is much different at a subsequent Administrative Law Judge appeal. In these trial-like hearings, attorneys may introduce evidence, challenge evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and make legal arguments. Additionally, there’s usually some discovery before these hearings. In other words, it’s advantage: victim.

Insurance company lawyers know they’ve lost their advantage at this point. So, they’re usually willing to settle claims, but this time, on victim-friendly terms.

Contact a Diligent Orleans Parish Attorney

Injury victims are entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced Louisiana burn injury lawyer, contact Lunsford, Baskin & Priebe, LLC. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.

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