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Louisiana Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

If an employee becomes injured or ill due to a work-related incident, they have a right to claim workers’ compensation benefits without the need to prove fault. After the injured worker files for workers’ comp, they can receive two types of benefits to help cover their expenses and losses: Medical benefits and indemnity benefits, also known as wage replacement.

Should the worker become partially disabled from the incident, such as losing a limb, they will be eligible to receive permanent partial disability (PPD), which is covered under the indemnity benefits.

While the medical benefits can help cover all necessary medical expenses related to the workplace injury, indemnity benefits and PPD typically only cover a portion of the worker’s lost wages based on their income. Calculating and understanding the indemnity benefits they are entitled to can be complicated.

For this reason, it’s crucial for employees who become disabled to work with an experienced workers’ comp attorney who understands these complex laws. Dealing with a disfiguring and disabling injury can traumatically alter your life. You have the right to be paid the full amount of benefits that you are owed.

The Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyers at Lunsford, Baskin, & Priebe help injured workers get the benefits they are entitled to after an on-the-job injury. Our lawyers represent ironworkers, construction workers, truck drivers, general laborers, firefighters, first responders, and many other workers injured on the job. Learn more about Louisiana indemnity benefits and PPD below, then contact Lunsford, Baskin, & Priebe with any questions.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits in Louisiana

In the state of Louisiana, PPD benefits offer the minimum amount of compensation for those who experience certain types of disfiguring and disabling injuries. Essentially, if your injury has left you with a permanent impairment, but you are still able to return to work in some capacity, you may be eligible for PPD benefits.

PPD benefits in Louisiana are ⅔ of your pre-injury average weekly wages. However, there are two methods for calculating how long the benefits will last, which ultimately determine the total amount you will receive. The first is based on anatomical losses and amputations, and the second method is based on more permanent and serious impairments.

Louisiana law under RS 23:1221(4)(a-o) provides the following benefits:

  • Loss of thumb: 66 ⅔% of wages for 50 weeks
  • Loss of first finger (index): 66 ⅔% of wages for 30 weeks
  • Loss of other fingers or a big toe: 66 ⅔% of wages for 20 weeks
  • Loss of other toes: 66 ⅔% of wages for 10 weeks
  • Loss of a hand: 66 ⅔% of wages for 150 weeks
  • Loss of an arm: 66 ⅔% of wages for 200 weeks
  • Loss of a foot: 66 ⅔% of wages for 125 weeks
  • Loss of a leg: 66 ⅔% of wages for 175 weeks
  • Loss of an eye: 66 ⅔% of wages for 100 weeks
  • Loss of the first phalanx of the thumb or big toe, or two phalanges of any finger or toe: ½ of the amount specified above
  • Loss of more than one phalanx of a thumb or more than two phalanges of any finger or toe is considered a loss of the entire member
  • Amputation between the elbow and the wrist equals the loss of a hand: 66 ⅔% of wages for 150 weeks
  • Amputation between the knee and the ankle equals the loss of a foot: 66 ⅔% of wages for 125 weeks
  • Loss of use of a member shall be considered equal to the amputation of the member in the amount specified above
  • Insurance companies will receive a credit against PPD benefits for any other indemnity benefits previously paid.

For permanent and serious impairments, the following amounts apply:

  • Seriously and permanently disfigured: 66 ⅔% of wages for 100 weeks
  • Permanent hearing loss: 66 ⅔% of wages for 100 weeks
  • Serious impairment to the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system, or the genito-urinary system: 66 ⅔% of wages for 100 weeks
  • A catastrophic injury like third-degree burns over at least 40% of the body, quadriplegia, paraplegia, total loss of two extremities, or loss of both eyes: $30,000 lump sum

It’s important to note that PPD benefits are only the minimum benefits an injured worker can receive. It is possible to be eligible for other indemnity benefits under Louisiana law, such as supplemental earnings benefits (SEB).

Your Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Attorney Can Help

Dealing with a permanent partial disability due to a workplace injury can be traumatizing. Injured workers that experience a serious impairment or disfigurement often struggle with emotional anguish in addition to dealing with the financial burden of being unable to work or unable to work at full capacity for the rest of their lives.

Our professional, dedicated team has years of experience practicing exclusively in the area of workers’ compensation law of Louisiana. We’ll take on the task of making sure you get your PPD benefits promptly, including appealing claim denials if necessary.

For help with a Louisiana workers’ compensation claim, contact the workers’ compensation lawyers at Lunsford, Baskin, & Priebe for a free consultation.

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